Virtual Services

Welcome to my virtual services page!  These mini readings require no appointment.  You just click to purchase and you’ll receive them by email within 3 business days.  To schedule a phone/zoom reading, or in-person services, please visit my Services Page.


Tarot Reading

Are you “stuck”? Have a specific question? A decision you need clarity on? The most powerful sources of information come from within; the Tarot aids in coming in contact with ones Higher Self. This is an audio/visual 3-card reading emailed to you in mp4 format to help you on your soul’s journey. (Phone/skype readings are also available. See “Services” tab to schedule.)


The “I owe you a coffee” 1-Card Tarot Reading

I receive many requests from clients and friends for quick one-card guidance. “Please pull a card for me! I’ll owe you a coffee!” Choose this option and I’ll pull one card and email your reading, in exchange for my favorite coffee drink!


Spirit Automatic Writing

This is a hand-written message for you channeled by me, from spirit. I use pen and paper, but will copy your message to send through email. You may send me your address and I will mail you your hand-written version. (Note: A back-and-forth exchange of energy is required for mediumship. See me in person or by phone/skype for a reading. See “Services Tab” to schedule.)


Chakra Reading & Distance Reiki

Feeling “blah” and not sure why? I will scan your Chakras and email you a diagram showing how your energy is flowing in your body, and will send you distance Reiki to help align your energetic self.


Guided Meditation & Sound Healing

Whether you need energy protection, alignment, letting go, or just help becoming stress-free… I will email you a sound file with personalized guided meditation and sound healing using my tuning forks.


Astrological Birth Chart Reading

Do you know your sun, moon, and rising sign? Do you know which houses your major planets are in? What does that mean for you? I will email you your birth chart and basic intuitive reading to answer, “Who am I?” astrologically. Please use the form below to send your birthdate, time, and birthplace when purchasing.


Distance Spirit Spa Session

This is a mini virtual version of my most popular service, my Spirit Spa Session (see “Services” tab). I intuitively read your energy and include what I feel you need at this moment. Maybe I send you a short Tarot reading, followed by an audio file with a few tones of my tuning forks; Or maybe I include automatic writing after distance Reiki, etc. It is completely personalized for you and your Higher Self.


Questions??  I realize that if you haven’t seen me for an in-person session before, or if some of these services seem too impossible or “out there” for you, you’ll likely have many questions.  “How does that work?”  “How does she do that if I’m not there?”  “What does that mean?”  Please feel free to fill out the form below and ask away!  I will answer to the best of my ability.  Sometimes this intuitive “psychic” world isn’t easy to put into words.