Walking a gray line


“The world is not black and white.” I have heard this so many times the past few weeks about completely unrelated circumstances. I have heard it so much lately that I think the universe must be trying to hit me over the head with some important lesson. Perhaps it’s a lesson for more than just me…

The glass isn’t half full or half empty, it’s just a glass with some liquid in it. It is not in my nature to see the world in extremes. I’m usually neutral, in the middle, on any major issue. I can almost always see both sides of things. There are shades of gray, different perspectives. No right way or wrong way.

… Although after writing that paragraph, it sounds like I’m saying that thinking the world is black and white is the wrong way. Maybe that’s where the lesson comes in…

It doesn’t matter what line you walk as long as you walk with love and understanding, and not fear and hate.

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