Welcome to my website!  Vital Resting Place is a space for healing and renewal in Normandy Park, WA.  For grounding into the earth with your roots and feeling blossomed as you leave.  Built entirely on my own with my husband, it is detached from our home and tucked into the hillside.  It is surrounded by greenery and redwood trees, and has a beautiful view of Puget Sound.  
I’m a massage therapist.  A Reiki master.  A sound healer. A teacher.  A student.  A ghost hunter.  I used to teach the public how to use ghost hunting equipment in Salem, Massachusetts.  Then as the years went by, it has somehow become less about the equipment and more about using my own intuition. I invite you stick around and learn more.

About Me

Let’s see… about me:  My name is Kimberly Bizjak.  (Kim is fine)  I was born and raised in Seattle Washington, but spent a few years living in Salem Massachusetts.  I became very interested in the dark history of Salem and worked as a licensed tour guide while earning my Master of Arts degree in Education at Emerson College in Boston.  I founded a successful paranormal investigation tour company called Paranormal Salem with my friend Corey after being trained by TAPS Academy at the office of SciFi’s Ghost Hunters in Warwick, RI. Corey and I were then featured on A&E Bio’s My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera, and History Channel’s (H2) Haunted History.  (Click on show titles to watch)  Our tour company flourished after our 15 minutes of fame and Salem still feels like home to me.
I have also taught many Ghost Hunting 101 classes, and given paranormal lectures at Old Sturbridge Village, The House of Seven Gables, Salem Old Town Hall, and also taught Paranormal Studies at North Shore Community College in Danvers, MA.


When I first moved back to Seattle, I spent my time bringing a little bit of Salem magick (Yes, with a “k”) to my hometown by teaching and investigating at Merchants Cafe (Seattle’s oldest restaurant).  Somewhere along the way, my classes became less about EMF detectors and more about using my own intuition to connect with the other side.  I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2001 so it made sense for me to also become certified in Reiki.  The energy connected my interests.  I also have a BFA in Sound Design, so learning Tuning Fork Therapy for Sound Healing also made sense.  Everything just flowed!


I am currently studying energy medicine, mediumship, and basically anything metaphysical that I’m drawn to.  It has been amazing connecting with a spiritual community of people who are on similar paths, and learning and teaching each other.


I teach paranormal and metaphysical classes mostly at Intraspace at the Old Rainier Brewery.  (See Events tab).  I also perform healing sessions and readings throughout Western Washington, and my home healing studio in Normandy Park…Vital Resting Place! (See Services tab).  Yes I do hear a lot of…”The name of your studio sounds like a cemetery!”  Well, remember it’s vital, not final!  And that’s what you get when you cross my ghost hunting past with my healing present and future!


To contact me or make an appointment, fill out the form below.  You can also email me at kimberlybizjak@gmail.com.  Or text or leave me a voicemail (I rarely answer my business phone) at 206-701-9362.

I am located in Normandy Park, WA.